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    This champagne exudes notes of red fruits, of flowers and hawthorn. It expresses a great power wich diminues slowly leaving a silky, fluffy and full bodied finish. This cuvee will delight your guest during an aperitif, a reception, an evening or any other moment of pleasure to share. It will associate with all your culinary desires and follies.

    This cuvee plays the card of harmony and elegance. Its pale gold robe is traversed by fine bubbles bringing to your sense of aroma flowers and white spring fruits, which develop in month with freshness and subtlety because of its high persistence. This champagne can accompagny all immortalized moments in harmony and cheerfulness.

    This Champagne Rose is derivated from the assemblage of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.It's pink and bright colour is the prelude to tangy red fruit notes mixed to ruby grapefruit, fresh and stirring

    This vintage was born from a wonderful assemblage between Chardonnay and the best Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier wines in our range, carefully aged in our cellars between 3 to 10 years. Once bottled, it is aged from 4 to 5 years in our cellars, this Champagne gives off delicious notes of evolution and aromas of quince and hot buns out of the oven. You will...

    This Champagne seduces with its fine and delicate bubbles . A shiny robe of intense gold ensuring us of a champagne with character. A wake of liquorice and quince jam inebriates us before giving way to citrus fruit peel. A mouth with character. Very expressive, ample and warm with a frank finish.

    We think that is cuvee is perfect for this times. Before being bottled, we proceed in blending our wines for many years this has been a magical moment spent with the family and our oenologist, resulting from our years works  and also our finest reserve wines that we have carefully kept in our cellars. This moment is like the photography of our...