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The spirit

« We do not exploit the vine with which we live »

Dominique Massin

Champagne D. Massin is a history of excellence,

driven by Tristan’s passion to offer you the best.

A fine nose, subtle mouth, a bright golden colour and bubbles …. to make you melt with happiness. Such is the spirit of Champagne D. Massin.

This is the result of a slow and gradual progression from our vineyards, our cellar … to our Customers. Each step of the process is based on our expertise.

The consistent quality of our traditional vintages, crowned by our last cuvée called “ENVIE” (=desire) allows us to reinterpret in modern terms the true value of D. Massin Champagne.

Just as bees do, through our involvement in the respect of the earth from our ancestors, we guarantee the optimum quality of our wines, allowing our lands to express themselves fully.

Découvrir nos vins

Discover our Wines


D. MASSIN Champagne is made on our premises in strict accordance with traditional methods.

Allied to modern technology, we guarantee a consistent quality and we are committed to respecting the environment.

We are certified Terras Vitis. Terra Vitis has become the single national reference in terms of integrated vine-farming.

This certification allows us to offer you healthy, authentic champagnes while maintaining the entire qualities of our terroir. That is why every step of our production cycle is checked to guarantee optimum product quality.

a good TASTING

D. MASSIN Champagne will come to you at its maturity, so you can enjoy it immediately and keep it in a cool and dark place at around 11°C. It is tasted at a temperature of 8 ° to 10 ° (about 3 hours in the refrigerator).

Discover champagne D. MASSIN through your senses: Upon opening a bottle of D. MASSIN Champagne, you will hear a slight explosion, when serving, you will hear the crisp crackle crackle which sounds like a pleasant murmur.

En savoir plus

Your eyes will sparkle at the sight of the fine gold beads which produce a white foam, fine and creamy, A wake will invade you.

The flavours will eveolve, taking you from a wonderful bouquet of white flowers to fruity, honeyed notes ...
Your taste buds will adore the crystal beads exploding and exalt flavours of citrus or red fruit, toast or brioche impart "delicacy, roundness, smoothness and vivacity" ...

Excellent tasting. This is a true moment of pure pleasure signed D. Massin.